Actual live pictures of plants grown here.
  We are located at 2546 Alabama Hwy. 117 --  3 miles east of Mentone, Alabama

This page is our weekly special page.
That means we have certain items on sale here you will find more pretty plants.


Always Beautiful Mums Grown on our Farm. Belgium Mums Hardy to zone 5, they have past our trials for colder climates. Come check out our new Mammoth Mums that are cold hardier to zones 3 and heat tolerance hardy to zones 9


Sweet Potato Vines  

Tilleria Foam Flower Black Velvet



                            "Always beautiful Plants at great Prices." "Guarentee Clean Healthy Plants."


Easter and spring gifts available. Pretty Daisies called Sennities are in bloom there colors are Blue Daisies & Magenta true to there colors believe it or not no dyes and repeat blooms over and over again. Martha Washington Geraniums also now in season repeat blooms over and over again. Gift Baskets & Folaige Baskets now available. Color Baskets and Ferns now available. Having a party or need a container for a special event call us and we will fix you right up for any event or party.
Thanks Cheryl & David Baker
* We have many pretty house plants to choose from and winter plants to choose from as well come check out what is growing in the greenhouses open all year long.

* 1st Place again Growers Convention Show 2006
three years in a row.

*We have cleared out 10.5 acres of land to put up more houses for the near future as well as a "NEW" TREE & SHRUB FARM is on the way. That is right you heard us we have gone mad in the growing business, we will be planting in the next 2 years trees and shrubs on our farm to make it a 100% the one place to stop and do all your shopping. We will also be adding new greenhouses as we grow. Why buy from us? You can  buy direct and save you tons of money?

Our Family & Staff want to thank you for the support in Florist and Nursery Industry

Always something new growing in the Greenhouses


All Fire Works buy one get one Free, mix and match as long as same price.

As always we want to thank you for supporting our business and what we are doing here it makes a difference to us and our Family owned business. We want to here form you and let us know what else we can do to make it more a plesant Nursery & Floral/Gift Shop for you to shop at and visit. All Fireworks Buy One Get oNe Free Mix And Match as long as your money evens up. Thank you for a wonderful season in Flowers & Fireworks.                                                                                                                               


        Live Picture in front of our store

                     Rudbeckia " Indian Summer"                               


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